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Sfruz is a typical alpine village, one of the highest of the valley, situated on a green plateau between Mount Roen and Corno di Tres. Though isolated, it is well known beyond the Alps and valleys and has been prosperous to craftsmen for centuries. By virtue of its name, it seems to bring to life its illustrious history as the manufacturing capital of ce-ramic stoves. From the Latin forare (to make a hole) the name Sfruz refers to the holes in the ground that for hundreds of years men dug on the outskirts of town. It is one of the oldest villages of the Val di Non. The archaeological findings proved its ancient origins. A number of typical Roman graves were found here. Some other objects decorating the graves are now preserved in the museum of Rovereto.

Sfruz - Trentino

It keeps its original structure with rustic and noble buildings as the ones on the square Degasperi with portals in stone, hallways, particular wooden superstructures, some frescos and writings (a house shows the date 1579). Behind the church the via Predaia goes up presenting some interesting traditional architectural elements: a portal dating back to 1704 with coat of arms and a Gothic arch. At the end of the road a high relief of S. Barbara, the miners’ patron Saint is to be found.


The big pottery stoves are typical of Sfruz. This craft work started in the Renaissance by "maestri fornelari" became famous thanks to the beautiful decorated majolica stoves sold in Austria, Alto Adige and Lombardia.

The pottery stoves of Sfruz

Prevalent throughout the Alpine area, the fame of the master craftsmen of Sfruz came to a head in the 19th century thanks to their particular dark green colour which became known as "Sfruz green." The potters of Sfruz man-aged to exploit it to produce a varied range of the colour green. Mixed with iron, manganese and cobalt, the colour black was produced. Mixed with aluminum, a grassy green was created while with a mixture of cobalt and zinc, turquoise green was produced. And thanks to a secret formula still guarded by the Association of Ancient Kilns of Sfruz, chromium became the primary ingredient of the colour used for on stoves at the begin-ning of the 19th century, the true one-of-a-kind "Sfruz green."

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